A Proven Marketing Plan for Hair Salons

A Proven Marketing Plan for Hair Salons

When you’re hoping to establish your new salon as a “go to” location and grow your business, you need talented stylists, a good location, and an effective marketing plan, not to mention sufficient financing or investment. If you can’t fund the startup yourself, you’ll need an outstanding business plan, as well as an exceptional marketing plan to attract investors or bank loan approvals.

But, your marketing plan is vital to have your salon “hit the ground running.” You want to avoid an extensive break-even period. Here is a structure of a marketing plan that works.

Hair Salon Marketing Plan Design

Background Analysis

Summarize your stylist and business experience. State the obvious: You realize your marketing plan is the engine that will drive your salon, that it will be full-service, and outstanding services will be priced competitively.

Briefly mention the “audience” (client-type) you will serve. State that you’ve analyzed the market, and there’s room for an additional premier salon. Don’t be shy – you intend to quickly place your new salon in the outstanding category.

Market Summary

Describe the extent of your research to identify the most likely clients you’ll attract. In this section, you should tell readers that you’ll go further to use this compiled information to thoroughly understand who you will serve, the group’s particular needs, and how your salon will serve them better than your competition.

Show your knowledge of the local market – include colorful graphs that graphically display the demographics of your market area. Similarly show your growth plan and the estimated results.

Market Analysis

Display that you’ve “done your homework,” and fully understand your potential market mix. Quote as many statistics as you have. Always note your sources for statistical data, so you and readers know this data is from respected, objective 3rd party compiled facts.

Market Trends

Research current trends in salon usage so you are at expert level. If there is recent trending consolidation (shrinking) or is expansion (growing number of hair salons). Display your research and knowledge of market growth or shrinkage. If the market is trending down, provide things you plan to counteract the shrinkage, not for the whole market, but for your corner of it. If the market is in an upward spiral, explain how you will take advantage of new opportunities to grow your customer base.

SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) Analysis

It’s always to include a SWOT Analysis in your marketing plan so you can “show off” your understanding of your local market and your place in it. The key is to honestly assess your strengths and weaknesses to impress readers and provide an accurate roadmap for you to follow.

Competition and Prospect Behavior Patterns

Will your clients primarily be men or women? If it’s men, realize that price and convenience are the drivers. When it’s women, they care more for the personality and technical expertise of your stylists.

What is the number and quality of your local competition? Answer these questions with displays of your diligent research and depth of knowledge of your competition. “Keep your friends close” but “keep your enemies closer.

The Key Factors of Success

Typically, displayed as bullet points, these keys should number 3 or 4 important significant points.

Your Marketing Strategy

Outline and/or explain the strategy you will use to attract and retain clients. If possible, include a backup strategy you’ll use if the preferred strategy achieves less than optimum results. It’s not critical that you choose personal word-of-mouth, digital, or out-of-the-box marketing ideas.

Social media, like Facebook, can be quite effective in attracting clients. Personal referrals are the most valuable, but your salon must perform first.


Your marketing plan is most dependent on your research and understanding of the local market. Thoroughly understanding your competition’s strengths and weaknesses is a must.

Since you’re not marketing globally, you needn’t spend valuable time studying the world market, but you must become an expert for your local market. If you do, your marketing plan will succeed and your salon will prosper.

Cheap Direct Facebook Ads

Facebook Ad Overview

You all know many spend ALL DAY on social media with many attached to Facebook most waking hours. The problem is only 10% or less really see your post because FB decided to make you buy ad space to be seen. This is fine because FB ads are low cost and easy to fit into any budget. The key is focused ad buys. Never "Boost" a post. Learn how to direct each campaign to a specific audience, such as your zip code, school district etc. You can also take a large list of emails ( clients, or from trade show etc) and insert into the FB ad section. Now FB will match to its user base and direct ad content to that list and if you want to those that are "look a like" to the list. 

  • Fill dead space
  • Attract new clients
  • Promo other high profit products
  • Sell a conditioner or shampoo to offset any discount
  • Custom Audience Ad Targets
  • Custom Target from Video Views
  • Target Upper Income in Zip Code
  • Target High School Student and Mothers a month before Graduation!

If you spend just $10.00 every couple of weeks you can bring in people when you have slow days. If Tuesday is never booked then Do a Two For Tuesday special. Hair at xyz price the nails for free. Be sure to hand them a card so they know about your Friday night makeup service or blowout that everyone wants before a party or event. Promote your better profit areas and make up for any discount given to get them in. 

Is this 100% flawless and will work all the time. No, nothing is but it is a whole lot better to have traffic in your salon then a empty room. Lock in a low test budget. Do a How To video and see how many views it gets. Use the viewers on your "preferred list" for ads. Repeat all the time and soon you have a great prospect list to target for about the cost of a single dinner.

To make ads effective you need a good website as a fall back for new clients to understand what you do. Wordpress is super popular and easy enough to grow into if you have a video tutorial to learn from. Salon-Chair-Cafe has a set of video lessons to get you started building a effective website. Of course they can do it for you if you have a budget for marketing and promotion. And yes they do sell a exclusive line of salon chairs also!

This is a very detailed hour long video you need to study.

Hair Salon Marketing Ideas

Hair Salon Marketing Ideas

In this era of fashion obsession, each and every thing about your look is just as much important. From your toenail to your head, everything is being noticed by people. There are specific styles for the maintenance of every part of your body. Be it your hair or your clothes. With the hair trends changing each year it is very important to keep up with the recent trends. So people now-a-days visit the hair salons quite frequently. When you own a hair salon, it is important to do appropriate marketing to attract the right number of customers. Here a few ideas on how to improve your hair salon:

  • Come up with innovations: Provide your customers with new attractive haircuts. It is always better to be creative than to copy others.

  • Use quality products: Always use good quality products. Usage of sub standard products leaves a bad impression on your clients and they might not want to visit your salon again.

  • Make sure your mirror is well lit: it would provide the customer with the ability to capture the process and post it to social media. With a huge impact of social media in our lives these days, the social media advertisement can be the best type of advertisement.

  • Do not overcharge: Don’t make your customers feel like they are being ripped. Only charge the reasonable amount that is affordable for the customer. Fix your rates within a suitable range.

  • Creative hair dyes: Come up with your own original ideas while dying the hair. Use your own exclusive products to make the process unique and fun.

  • Well trained staff. The staff you keep at your salon should be well behaved and expert in their field. The people you keep can make or destroy your business. Choose vigilantly.

  • Proper advertisement: Make sure you are advertising your business well. If more people know about your salon, more people will visit it. You can use print and electronic media to run a creative advertisement campaign. Make a facebook page where you can directly communicate with your clients and get the feedback.

  • Be respectful: Be always nice and respectful to your clients. If they are treated well, they would want to visit again and again. If you are being rude, no matter how good your services are, they might never turn up to your salon again.

  • Well maintained place: Your place should be modern and well maintained. It should have latest equipment for hair treatments. Also it should be clean and tidy.

  • Offer deals and discounts: Come up with deals and discounts at special occasions such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day to attract a huge population. Offer discounts to your permanent clients.

  • Be an entrepreneur: Come up with your own hair product such as a shampoo or a dye. It will make you stronger in hair salon business. You can launch more products depending upon the feedback.

  • Develop an app: You can develop a software application for your business. It would help your clients to book an appointment with a touch of finger. It will also make it easier for you to process the record and information regarding clients.

  • Conduct a survey: conduct a survey to find out what people want. It will help you improve your services. You can even introduce new services depending upon the demands or eliminate the old ones.

  • Create new hairstyle: Create your own beautiful hairstyle and while making them you can even make a video to post it on facebook or other social media platforms for publicity.

Strong advertisement is very crucial for the establishment of a stable business. Do not leave any stone unturned when it comes to moving ahead. Make sure you are using all the above mentioned ideas to take your business to new heights.

Hair Salon Marketing Tips

Marketing a hair salon is hard. You need to keep one step ahead of the guy down the street...did I say guy, maybe I should have said guys and gals because you could have 3 or 4 salons within a mile of your location, if not in the same shopping center. I found this video about 2 really simple tips you can start using this week. First the process begins with a introduction to the salon. This allows the products to be seen without the pressure of selling. No one wants to be sold, they want to be allowed to buy what they feel they need.

Profit tip #1 is Aroma therapy in the shampoo room. Clients will love the atmosphere and want to have the same for the house.

Profit tip #2 is free makeup touch-up. You just gave a client a new look. Now you select the perfect lipstick and color options to go with it. Of course they will buy at least one of the suggestions, usually the lipstick because it is the most used and they always run out. 

Now you have increased your profit by $10.00 to 420.00 if not more without selling. Plus they still might buy shampoo and conditioner like you have been selling in the past. This is not a replacement but in addition to the other needed products.

For more unique hair salon marking ideas visit Salon Chair Cafe.

Hair Salon Marketing Tips - Introduction of the Salon

Marketing tips for hair salons. Increase profit with 2 unique ideas you can learn from this video.

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